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Welcome to the About Me page. Well, I guess this means I should give a little information about myself.

   As a child, I grew up in rural Michigan, but began to travel back and forth between Southwest Florida and Central Michigan with my parents in 1990. Since we all loved it here in Southwest Florida so much, we decided to move to Naples permanently in 1995.

   As I progressed throughout high school, I began to develop an increasing interest in computers and academic excellence. I first began to enter the computer programming domain at the age of 14 by taking classes that covered web page design and Visual Basic programming. In addition to my affinity for computers, I have also retained a high interest in my academic success. Since academics have essentially become a hobby for me, once I heard that the high school offered a dual enrollment program (half of high school credits are earned at local college) for those in 11th grade, I had no choice but to go for it. I enjoyed the experience so much, that I sought to enroll in the early enrollment (full time at local college) in my senior year of high school.

   Between participating in the dual and early enrollment programs, in addition to testing out of a couple courses and placing a couple in escrow, I was able to earn my Associates in Arts from Edison Community College almost a month before my high school diploma in May of 2002. Immediately thereafter, I began to take courses at TUI University for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program (degree earned in February of 2003) in addition to courses at International College for the Bachelor of Science in Management program (degree earned in April of 2003). Seeking to continue my academic efforts, I began to work on my Master of Business Administration degree, and finished the program in November of 2003 from TUI University. In 2012, I earned my Ph.D. in Business Administration from Trident University.

   Apart from my academic pursuits, I have also maintained a professional career as well. I initially began my professional career as an intern at 4What Interactive, where I worked on developing web sites using HTML and JavaScript. Within a few months, I expanded my skills toward using interpreted languages such as PHP, Perl, ASP, and SQL for dynamic web development. Throughout my time at 4What Interactive, I have worked on many projects by providing the server-side code for server-side driven dynamic web sites.

   Just prior to beginning my first degree program with TUI University, I worked closely with my father to develop a course management system for the university that allows students to submit assignments, professors to review and assign grades for assignments, and for both parties to communicate with one another in a threaded discussion environment. Given the success of this application, my father and I were asked to develop the university's new internal management system that handles everything from curriculum definition and student services, to financial department tools and detailed administrative reports.

   Subsequently, I worked part-time for TUI University as a computer application designer and developer in addition to working as a computer systems analyst for Kent Technologies and a programming expert for 4What Interactive. My primary purpose within each of these organizations was to design, plan, manage, develop, and document intranet and Internet applications. Furthermore, I also offered freelancing services in the domain of computer application development with an emphasis on Internet and intranet driven applications. Throughout my professional and academic career, I have tuned my computer application design and programming skills to include a strong business sense.

   I currently serve as the Chief Technology officer for OnPower, Inc and President of OnPower Services, LLC. My duties include: providing direction for technology advancement within the company, designing and implementing information systems for customers and internally, and managing the vision and direction of the services group.

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