Banned IP Addresses

* NOTE * This list is no longer being maintained/updated.

I started this list way back in early 2005. Since then, spam blocking techniques have evolved. I have no doubt that most of these IP addresses are no longer being used by the original offenders. Instead of performing a mass IP block, it is now better to employ other methods, such as image verification on input forms to filter out spam bots. Keyword filters can be used to filter out some human-posted spam, but an administrative review/approval process truly is the final line of defense. Of course, an IP ban may be necessary in some extreme cases of repeat offenders, but should not be used overzealously.

Although I have removed the deny list from my site, I have decided to keep a copy up if anyone is looking to verify if a particular IP address is assocaited with habitual spam abuse, and for nostalgic purposes.

As always, this list is provided as-is with no liabilities on my part. Use at your own risk.

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